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How It Works - AllowInbox

How It Works

When AllowInbox is available to the public, it will be incredibly easy to setup and use. Simply install the AllowInbox mobile app or signup with the online web-based version, and connect it to your email, social and even news accounts. Then, smile as all your email problems simply disappear.

AllowInbox is an email client provided as both a mobile app or a web-based service. You’ll be able to access and manage your email using AllowInbox instead of the default Mail app installed on your phone by Apple or Google, or the web apps provided with your email service. AllowInbox works with your existing email service, by the way, so you don’t have to worry about changing email accounts. In addition to email, you can also manage your social network communications, and read your favorite news sources too.

We’ll also include options for corporate IT departments to help manage all the users within their domain, to ensure compliance and integration with their established processes.

After installing the app, AllowInbox will walk you through a few easy steps, which help protect your new inbox. From that point on, when you open AllowInbox to check your email, you’ll immediately notice all the clutter and junk is gone (hidden) from your inbox.

As you continue using AllowInbox, you’ll not only enjoy how well your inbox is now being protected from unknown and untrusted sources and communications – but you’ll also become completely addicted to all the other neat things we’ve built into AllowInbox. From beautiful magazine-style presentation of messages, the ability to send and receive messages between multiple sources (including your social networks), to simple yet powerful “Getting Things Done” (GTD) based workflow tools for efficient processing of all your communications, tasks and calendaring, we want AllowInbox to make your email and social networking life easier.

No more spam and inbox clutter. No more using “unread” and “star” to indicate which emails require some follow-up. No more copy-and-pasting to create calendar events, reminders and tasks. No more spending a minute or more per email trying to figure out whether the messages and senders are really legitimate, or just someone trying to rip you off. We’re working on addressing all the things you’ve wished your inbox could do, and more.

AllowInbox will be your better inbox. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements!