If you could combine your current email client with Flipboard (or your favorite news-reader), your social networks, blogs, Evernote, Mailchimp, a GTD (Getting Things Done) workflow, a real solution to spam and inbox clutter, integration with any third party file-sharing and collaboration services, the latest learning from the social and mobile worlds, along with about a million other things you’ve always wished your email could do – that would be AllowInbox.

Also interestingly, AllowInbox’s greatest feature is one you will never see directly. Besides being a great, user-friendly new inbox that works with any email service, AllowInbox’s unique feature is that it automatically helps you to manage all the clutter in your inbox, both good and bad, while completely eliminating spam and email threats. If your regular inbox is anything like mine, you’ll find maybe 5 or 10 emails out of every 100 that are actually important. The remainder consists of junk, lots of clutter (both good and bad), and even a few spam emails and dangerous phishing scams. Wouldn’t it be great to open another inbox and see just those 5 to 10 really important emails? I know I would – and that’s why I’m building AllowInbox.

You can read more about how AllowInbox works, and we’ll also be listing more of our features and screenshots here as we get further along. In the meantime, if there’s anything you’ve always thought your mobile, web or desktop email client should do, or do better, let us know! We’d love to hear your feature suggestions.

Kindest regards,

Thomas W. Krafft

Thomas W. Krafft