Welcome to our work in progress!

We’re building a better inbox (web and mobile app) to make email more productive and secure for everyone, on any email service.

AllowInbox will (1.) improve email productivity significantly, (2.) eliminate email security issues that cost the world billions of dollars every year, (3.) make all your “What if my inbox could do this?…” wishes come true, and the best part is, (4.) you can keep using your own email service. Basically, AllowInbox is taking all the latest learning the mobile and social worlds, combined with a real solution to the problems of spam and junk email, to create an inbox anyone can use.

Sounds neat, right? Well, we’re in the early stages of developing this, so stay tuned for more news and updates soon. In the meantime, here’s some more information on AllowInbox features and how it works.

Investors:  This is a early-stage (pre-alpha), bootstrapped endeavor at this point. Click here to contact me or let’s connect via AngelList, and I’ll send you a direct link to a complete presentation and investor information.

Kindest regards,

Thomas W. Krafft

Thomas W. Krafft